Who We Are

She - photographer, art director, computer graphics artist, typesetter, web designer, traditional medium artist, mom and wife. I've been taking pictures since high school, but got more serious about photography in about 2005.
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He - Producer, engineer, recording studio guru, musician (guitar, bass, drums, vocals, piano, etc. etc!), vice president of sales for a CD manufacturer, dad and husband. He likes to make movies too.

What We Like to Do

Together we are a creative team... spending most of our time using our imaginations to write music, create art, take photos, make websites, work on the next film short, or anything else that our wandering minds can come up with. In between all of that we also spend time with each other and our little rabbits (not so little any more!)... going to movies, eating where we can afford to, taking road trips, and exploring our surroundings, interesting locations, abandoned buildings, and ultimately enjoying life.
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